My homeless friend john,waiting at the bus stop,portland Oregon.
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.PORTLAND OREGON,
St johns train tracks today,portland ,Oregon
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden...portland oregon
res sunrise today in lake  oswego   ....oregon
cora smoot getting ready for the shoot,
mt tabor park ,portland oregon.
Last night on the river...Portland
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, portland Oregon.
willamette river,sunrise today....
St Johns Bridge .
mardi gras , New Orleans
night boater on the river ,Portland Oregon...last night..
Sunrise too day
the sunset tonight on the river,Portland Oregon
cold sunrise this morning.....
child surrounded by love...
pipeline,hi, a few days ago,north shore 2013
sun rise willamette river...2014
sunrise today on the willamette river....